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Gaiacomm International Corporation was formed to seek out contracts with all agencies and entities, private and public sector concerns, for the use of a special venture of high technological significance, the "Global Wireless Communications" Technology. This "GWC" technology primarily deals with a global network of land-based communication systems that uses the magnetic field of the earth as a means to carry, reflect, and redistribute the signal, a modulated helix protocol, and dedicated continuous power output which will allow the use of newly designed wireless devices that are built around the new wireless protocol. Military communications will also be greatly improved with a secure band exclusively dedicated for all military operations under water on land in the air and the seas and at a cost that is reasonable. [More...]
  • Submarine communications with enhanced voice, data, detection, stealth
  • Vessel communications with enhanced SONAR, RADAR
  • Land-based troop communications
  • Imaging for hostility force detection
  • Airport passenger and baggage security screenings
  • Bulk cargo screenings
  • Explosives, weapons, and contraband screenings
  • Personal imaging and rapid identification for law enforcement
  • Rapid secured global voice - data communications
  • Fiber-optic rings, wireless jump points to end-user recipients
  • Enhanced medical, dental, vision imaging devices
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