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  Mission Statement
The mission of Gaiacomm International Corporation is to research and commercialize new, robust, and Earth-friendly technologies for global wireless communications and wireless application developments.

By establishing such new technology paradigms, Gaiacomm International Corporation seeks to establish itself as the leader of a wireless protocol era for advancing humanity and the sciences.

Gaiacomm International Corporation is cognizant that existing wireless technologies have been shown harmful to the environment, to people, to mammals and aquatic life, and these technologies cannot foster new efficiencies and advances in wireless application development for mankind.
Gaiacomm seeks to provide complete and affordable communication infrastructure solutions worldwide. High-speed global communication is the catalyst to information exchange in real time. This will allow enlightened minds to devote themselves into other areas of intellectual and technical enquiry. By encouraging a transparent exchange of information, peace and goodwill will undoubtedly be fostered.
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