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  Our Goal
Our goal is to have data rates up to 100 Tbps, tera-bits-per-sec. New design techniques, however, are needed to make this happen at our desired target of one-tenth the cost of 3G. The move to GWC is complicated by attempts to standardize on a single 3G protocol. Without a single standard on which to build, designers face significant additional challenges. We will define a new 4G protocol thus removing any challenge or debate. Table 1 compares some of the key parameters we believe GWC will have, and compares them to 3G.
Wireless Communication service providers are slowly beginning to deploy third-generation (3G) services. As access to technology increases, voice, video, multimedia, and broadband data services are becoming integrated into the same network. The hope once envisioned for 3G as a true broadband service has all but dwindled away. We believe that 3G systems, while maintaining the possible 2-Mbps data rate as the standard, will realistically achieve only 384-kbps rates. To achieve the goals of true broadband service, the systems have to make the leap to a fourth-generation (4G) network. This is where Global Wireless Communication (GWC) comes into play. This is not merely a numbers game. GWC is intended to provide high speed; high capacity, low cost per bit, IP based services, fiberoptic wireless connection and a truly global wireless communications system operating in frequency ranges that surpass all other telecommunication companies on planet earth. [Back...]
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