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  Homeland Security
Gaiacomm International Corporation is pleased to affiliate with the Office of Homeland Security to help educate and empower the citizens of the United States in homeland security issues.
On behalf of Gaiacomm International Corporation, we strongly urge each of our esteemed visitors to link to the HLS newsletter at URL:

This link will bring Gaiacomm International Corporation visitors to the weekly bulletin where they can learn about new HLS news, events and resources. Additionally, subscriptions to the weekly bulletin are available free of charge from Homeland Security.

Gaiacomm International Corporation believes that when citizens are informed, they are stronger citizens and a strong citizenry makes for a strong America. We feel honored to be a part of America and pledge our 4G wireless telecommunications technology to the shaping of a strong America, both militarily and economically.

Gaiacomm International Corporation your 4G wireless communications developer offering a Technology for Peace in this decade. Find out how.

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